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Our Mission & Goals


To actively provide services that contribute to the betterment and vitality of the community.

To provide high quality, compassionate and comprehensive services by providing opportunities for everyone to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

To empower children and families to achieve lifelong success. To help individuals create a nurturing, stable, and culturally diverse family environment which encourages youth with emotional and behavioral disturbance to become effective and contributing adults.

The center strives for social justice and equity where we can climb the ladder together.

The children today are the adults of tomorrow, we all can make a difference to help them cross that bridge.

MOCC's Goals and Objectives

Over the last three years, MOCC has been in the forefront of collaborating with partners to
meet the basic integration needs of Haitians immigrants and refugees in Metro Boston and
surrounding communities. The overall organization goals are to implement innovative and
evidence-based programs that address social determinant of health to curtail inequities in the
minority population particularly newcomer Haitian immigrants.

Key People

Get to Know the Faces behind Mount Olives Community Center


Joel Piton


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