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MOCC offers the following

Financial Literacy Program
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MOCC offers a program called Financial Literacy for Newcomers (FLN). This initiative encompasses key financial topics such as budgeting, basic banking, understanding credit, interpreting paychecks, and savings strategies. The program’s objective is to equip participants with the financial skills necessary for effective money management, debt reduction, and a secure financial future.

English Speakers of other Languages (ESOL)
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MOCC offers English language courses tailored to both literacy and intermediate performance levels. Utilizing a language proficiency tool, our educators ensure each learner is placed at the appropriate level for their individual progress.

Music Program
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MOCC is contemplating the revival of its music program, which was previously suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The program will offer instruction in piano, violin, viola, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. This initiative aims to foster social skills and self-confidence among participants, thereby empowering them to reach their goals.

Summer Program
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MOCC provides a comprehensive after-school program for upper elementary and middle school students, including homework help, English proficiency, academic skill-building, health education, and more. We also offer ISEE/SSAT prep classes and a five-week summer program for 1st to 8th graders.

Computer Literacy Class
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Refugee Mental Health Initiative (ReMHI)
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MOCC offers basic computer skills classes to people from all ages. This class is being taught every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm. Pierre Darius is the one teaching this class. He has a background in Computer Engineering Technology, and he is a United States Navy Veterans.

MOCC has funded to provide trauma-informed culturally competent and linguistically specific mental health literacy, psychological first aid education to Haitian immigrants who have relocated to Massachusetts due to the current humanitarian crisis in Haiti. Bi-lingual cultural providers provide services to people across the lifespan, who have resettled. in Massachusetts.

MOCC'S Additional Programs
Food Insecurity
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Newly resettled Haitian migrants in Massachusetts are in dire need of support to meet fundamental necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and infant essentials. In response to this, MOCC has initiated efforts to combat food insecurity by providing weekly distributions of shelf-stable groceries, along with bi-monthly distributions of ethnic Haitian food items.

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Community Serving Groups
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This initiative strives to foster community connections by offering breakfast to passersby at the center and distributing baskets to families and public servants in the Hyde Park area.

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